DIY vs. Hiring a Pest Control Professional

Often, we speak to homeowners who call pest control professionals only after exhausting all efforts to do the work for themselves. Let’s face it, the internet has created a DIY culture that it here to stay. There is a lot of good information out there. The problem lies in determining the bad advice from the good advice and that’s where a pest professional’s experience come into play.

For instance, a visit to most any supply store will yield a wide assortment products. You may find a can or bottle that is “guaranteed to kill roaches” or perhaps it’s bedbugs. Ultimately, if you spray the product onto a roach or bedbug, then it WILL absolutely kill it. Will it, however, eliminate an entire infestation? It is extremely unlikely. Moreover, the use of many of those products will only complicate matters when you realize that things aren’t working out and you call an exterminator.

Not only have you wasted your money on products that don’t work, you have wasted your time. When infestations are caught early, they are easier to eliminate.

We know the methods and products that will eliminate and control your pests. There are no gimmicks, hassles, or sales pitches. We offer free inspections and you are able to schedule with a few clicks on the right side of your screen. Now, what are you waiting for?