How to find bed bugs in your property

Bed Bugs Making Headlines

Bed bug infestations continue to grab headlines, daily. Now, you are concerned and interested in inspecting your home or business for bedbugs. We must remember that bed bugs are not a new issue. Let’s do a simple comparison of bed bugs to my aunt, Eloise. She lived on the other side of the continent for all of my life. I have only met her a time or two and this occurred when I was a child and there was a major event such as a wedding or funeral.

Bed Bug History

During the early 20th century, bedbugs were just about everywhere. After coming to America aboard colonial ships, it is estimated that at least a third of all residences were infested by bedbugs. As technology advanced, pesticides just about eradicated their existence from all of mankind. After widespread use of a chemical called DDT, bedbug infestations became rare, very similar to my aunt Eloise.

Thirty years ago, we knew what bedbugs were much the way I knew who aunt Eloise was. After all, who hadn’t heard “Sleep tight, dont’t let the bed bugs bite”? And then, all of a sudden….. BOOM!!!!! Aunt Eloise showed up on my doorstep early one morning a few years ago. I noticed that there was a moving truck parked at the curb with all of her belongings in it. It seemed as if she planned on staying for good this time.

Bed Bugs in Modern Times

Similarly, bedbugs appeared to be here to stay. There are many theories about why this is. It is a well known fact that they are resistant to many modern chemicals. There are various approaches to treating bedbugs and products have popped up on shelves everywhere. Now, we are beginning to hear stories of the way this pest continues to adapt to thrive. No longer are bed bugs merely confined to our beds. They are popping up in airports, doctor’s offices, and even ride sharing cars. So, what can you do to inspect for bedbugs in your home or business?

Bed Bug Inspections

First, we begin to examine our beds or furniture that is used for sleeping. You will want to especially pay attention to rusty or red colored stains indicating where we have inadvertently crushed bed bugs in our sleep. Also visible will be dark spots of bed bug excrement. Then pay attention to bed bug eggs and eggshells and shed yellow skins about 1mm that are left behind as nymphs grow larger. Blood spots on the sheets continue to be a good indicator of bed bugs as well.

As we inspect our homes or businesses for bedbugs, we must consider that they are master hiders. They will hide behind tags, tufts, seams, folds, joints in drawers and furniture, electrical outlets and wall hangings. They are able to squeeze into very tight spaces, literally the thickness of a credit card.

If you find or suspect bed bugs, then National Exterminators is here to help. We can’t, however, do anything to help when unwanted relatives show up on your doorstep. Call us today or use the right side of your screen to schedule your free inspection.