National Exterminators Eliminates Bedbug Infestations

Dealing a New (But Old) Adversary

When bed bugs started popping up again, pest management professionals found out quickly that treating bed bug infestations would require education, training, tenacity, and the ability to adapt and combine treatment methods. We kill bed bugs and eliminate infestations, guaranteed! What made the bed bug a worthy opponent was their ability to hide and adapt. A bedbug, after all, can fit into a space no thicker than a credit card.

Proven Methods for Bedbug Control

National Exterminators found similarities with other common pests in the bed bug. For instance, some cockroach infestations are aided by the pest’s ability to find food and water. When dirty dishes, food, and food debris is left throughout a home or business, roaches are easily able to find food. In a restaurant, this often involves cooking oil or grease that is not properly cleaned from floors, walls, equipment, etc.

In the case of bed bugs, they feed on sleeping humans. Thus, when we are able to stop the bed bug from reaching people to feed, control becomes easier. This is achieved in a variety of ways such as the installation of bed bug approved mattress and box spring protectors. Bed bugs may continue to thrive as a sole measure, but it does make it easier to spot new areas of infestations against a clean, white, protector. Additionally, interceptor cups may be used around legs of beds or furniture to trap bed bugs seeking their next meal,

An Integrated Approach to Bedbug Elimination

National Exterminators employs a wide variety of methods to eliminate bed bugs. This allows us to to a combined approach to both chemical and non chemical measures of elimination. While it does require multiple treatments and inspections, we have found this approach to be the most successful at a cost that is affordable by our customers. We are here to answer your questions and to help in the elimination of your bed bugs. Feel free to call us or to schedule your own free inspection through our website.

We kill bed bugs and eliminate their infestations and guarantee it! We have been handling area pest problems since 1963. National Exterminators is a third generation, locally owned business. Contact us today.