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Free Bed Bug Inspections in the Roanoke Area

If you live in the Roanoke area and you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, then sign up for a free inspection today. The sooner that your bed bug problem is addressed, then the easier it is to achieve control.

We have treated hundreds of bed bug infestations successfully in recent years. Gaining control requires a team effort of both the property owner and pest control professional. Be sure to follow suggestions that are provided during your bed bug inspection so that that the site will be ready for treatment when that day arrives.

National Exterminators Inc. has been providing pest control and termite services including bed bug treatments to the region since 1963. We treat bed bug infestations in the Roanoke area. We are licensed and insured. Please call our office today or simply fill out an inspection request on the right side of your screen letting us know in the details section that you are requesting a bedbug infestation so that we can me sure to send one of our bed bug specialists.


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On March 19, The United States Department of Homeland Security deemed pest control and extermination services as an essential industry. Thus, National Exterminators Inc. will continue to provide services as they are crucial to protecting the health, property, and food supply of the communities that we serve. We ask that all of our customers please understand that we must make several adjustments in order to protect the safety of our customers and employees. Many pest-related issues and routine services may be handled successfully on the exterior of structures. If interior services are deemed necessary or if you need to come into our office to conduct business, then we will be asking the following questions. 1. Are you or is anyone in your household under self or mandated quarantine? 2. Does anyone in your household have any of the following symptoms? Cold, Cough or Fever? 3. Has anyone in your household traveled to areas with ongoing community transmission within the past 30 days? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then we will be limited to performing exterior only services. All technicians will be using PPE including respirator and gloves for any interior services. We appreciate your business and pray that you and your family stay safe throughout this tough time.