Growth Spurs Recollection Amidst Relocation

George Stegall (Right) in front of Faggs Drugstore, where he worked for many years.
National’s new home office located at 416 Starling Ave. in Martinsville.

Following 35% growth in sales since being purchased by Josh Stegall from his parents in 2012, National Exterminators Inc. recently relocated their Martinsville office to 416 Starling Ave. in the city’s beautiful historic district. This change provides the company with double the space of the former Brookdale St. office and it allows easier access from the road. Additionally, the change offers customers a flat parking area with ground level entry into the building.

With offices in Martinsville and Stuart, National Exterminators was founded in 1963 by George Stegall. Josh states that he is most excited that the new facility offers a conference room that allows a better space for meeting with customers and training employees. He adds: “It is exciting to grow in a way that allows us to better serve our employees and customers. By empowering our employees, using the best products and techniques available to address our customers’ problems, and offering reasonable pricing, our founder, George Stegall, would be mighty proud.”

To honor the company’s founder, Josh placed the company’s original 1963 sign on the new facility. Josh recalls:

Shortly before his death in 1986, I was about 10 years old. I had decided to pack my bags and run away from home. Having only made it only a few hundred yards, my grandfather spotted meĀ  and asked where I was going. “I’m running away!”, I shouted. My grandpa was headed for a round of golf at Forest Park Country Club and he chuckled as he pointed out that I was headed down a dead-end road. He then took me for a ride to High’s Ice Cream, effectively wiping away all of my troubles. It was truly an honor placing his sign knowing that he’s still here in spirit watching and guiding.